Resources in the music industry

featured Resources in the music industry - Resources in the music industry

When the pandemic hit, Canada’s music lovers rose to the challenge to support their music culture with several organisations creating special relief funds for musicians. It was once again evidence of how much Canadians appreciate arts and music in the country. There are several resources for artists in Canada.

Encyclopedia of Music in Canada

The first point of reference for musicians, libraries, and students wanting to learn more about music history would be the EMC, Encyclopedia of Music in Canada. Writers and researchers started compiling information like artist biographies, lists of Canadian compositions, and awards as far back as 1971, and the first edition came out in 1973 in English and French.

The Canadian fiddlers

The Canadian fiddlers - Resources in the music industry

The Canadian fiddlers have their heritage from Ireland, France, and Scotland. Reaching Canada, an influx of English, Ukrainian and Americans changed the sound of fiddling. As a result, many musicians playing folk tunes in different styles are in the Maritime Provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.


CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association) is dedicated to bringing effective change to the music industry in Canada and represents around 300 English-speaking Canadian companies. The company believes their words speak louder when heard in numbers and gets involved with many projects to improve resources for musicians.

Canadians music resources aid in the education of music in schools and promotes tourism in Canada. Most of all, resources from private companies and the Government assist Canadian musicians in excelling in other parts of the world.