Six tips to improve your songwriting

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While it is true that successful artists dream, sleep, and live music, there are some tips to help aspiring songwriters pen down their music. You don’t need a degree in music to write a song. Some simple tips can help you create music, and a desire to succeed can be enough to get your song noticed.

Write from the heart

Write from the heart - Six tips to improve your songwriting

There are many average songs on the market, but the ones that work are authentic creations. People must be able to feel a connection to your music, and if you write from the heart about true experiences, the audience would be able to relate.

Write around a melody

Sometimes it can work to have the lyrics first. There are online programs, like Splice, where you can buy loops and build your song around the music. But if you are able to play guitar or piano, you can create your own loops to put your words to a melody.

Use songwriting methods

Knowing songwriting techniques can help writers to get going. You can use ladders, writing around a hook or the happy birthday technique.

Make notes

Nobody can store all the ideas they come up with in the shower, in their memory. It is vital to write down all your ideas, record melodies on your PC or phone, and continue to build on your ideas.

Build a storyline

Build a storyline - Six tips to improve your songwriting

You can start by writing down some ideas of what you want your song to be. It could be about your life, lost love, dreams, or aspirations. Then put meat on the idea by creating a hook, which can be a memorable chorus or a catchy phrase, and build your song from there.

Collaborate with other musicians

A last note on improving your chances for a songwriting career is to remember that there are many other aspiring songwriters to collaborate with to help you create an award-winning song.

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