Online music tuition for students in Canada

The Sorority

With the growth of technology, online tuition in every field has become standard practice, and it will carry on growing with more people opting for the comfort of learning from home. Many individuals are offering specialised training for various instruments on the net, but some schools in Canada have proven their worth with highly qualified music teachers.

Canadian Online Academy of Music

Canadian Online Academy of Music - Online music tuition for students in Canada

The founder, Juanita Velez, combines music training with holistic healing. Juanita is a vocal, piano, and ukulele instructor but has several other music experts in the business providing top-quality online classes. Here, learners can hone their singing skills while learning more about music in various genres.

Music lessons are excellent for teaching children life skills, improves their cognitive performance, and builds their confidence. The academy also offers classes for music production and songwriting.

Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance

You will be learning from the best at the Walnut Grove School of Music and Dance with a choice of 37 University trained teachers for various instruments and levels of education. Students can learn French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Greek, Korean, Japanese English.

Lessons are done through live video platforms, ensuring safety to students. There is no need to download any additional software to tune into classes. Options for lessons include piano, guitar, violin, and online vocal lessons.

Dark Horse Institute

The Dark Hose Institute has a 36-week Diploma Program covering all aspects of the music industry, from record company operations to music publishing. Tuition is focused on getting educated in the music business like artist management, digital marketing, distribution, copyright, and songwriting.

Whether you are aspiring to be a great musician, songwriter, or agent to an upcoming star, you can learn all these skills online in Canada.

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