Music forums in Canada

The Sorority

Music forums in Canada can bring musicians together and give artists information on upcoming concerts, platforms for buying and selling instruments, and where to enjoy live performances.

IMMF – International Music Managers Forum

IMMF is a globally recognised forum where music managers and artists can network, share experiences, resources, and opportunities among Canadians in the industry. Here, artists can find the latest venues for training and education in music and get in touch with music managers.

Attendees have access to events with discounts and can get involved with education and training events. The platform also allows artists to connect their initiatives to providers and invite users to join through WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, and Email.

Guitars Canada Community

If you need some inspiration from like-minded artists, the Guitars Canada Community will appeal to you. With discussions on the theory and technique, where to get the best equipment, and what is hot and happening involving guitarists, there is a constant flow of news on the forum.

Bandmix Canada

Bandmix is a forum connecting local musicians and bands, allowing artists to set up a profile within the community. The forum was once only available to residents from the US but expanded to include Canada. It is known as the number one online community for band members to join or share their experiences with beginners.


Reverbnation started in 2006 and helped many budding artists find their feet in the music industry, connecting artists to festivals, brands, labels, and venues. The forum helps forms relationships giving access to global participants to join for free.

Forums are helpful tools in the music industry to help beginners understand license requirements and learn more about creators’ advocates. For people starting out, joining a forum will create opportunities to make their music known.

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